Building Biodigester System 

A biodigester is a system where you gather manure, biosolids, food waste, other organic wastewater streams or a combination of these feedstocks occurs. Then, the wastes would start producing methane and carbon dioxide. People in Vietnam use this system to use it as natural gas. 


We had to dig and create a big space to put some plastic bags that will contain animal’s manure. 

It was not an easy process, but all of us worked hard and we finished it quicker then they expected! 

  We put two plastic bags into the one; therefore, no leaking was possible. 
One of the student had to crawl through the plastic bag to even them out. 

Then, we tied each end with pipes and rubber bands. 

The home owner would spray water to collect pigs’ manures directly into the plastic bag. There is a hole that is connected to the bag. 

This one is much bigger than the ones that we built, but this is the completed one. They would spray with black color or cover it up with black plastic bag to absorb as much heat as possible. 

  Post-war/mud fight.  


At the Can Tho university 


We met few committes from the rural development college of Can Tho university. We talked about what/how we can learn and develop for next coming years. 


We walked on the trail that lasted about 30 minutes. We were ‘hiking’ on here that used to be the battle field during the Vietnam War. Dr. Can mentioned that there might be unexplored bombs on the ground to scare us. This place was very relaxing and beautiful. 

We made ‘pancakes’  this day with the Women’s Union people. I was washing leaves that are fresh to get bugs off those leaves. I also cut lots of carrots and I fried them up on a pan. The taste was hard to explain, but it was great. 


First day in Vietnam. 


We’ve visted the reunification palace, also known as independence palace,  in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This is where the government was before the Vietnam war. 

They had rooms that hosted important people from outside. They also had little casino, cinema, and playroom for the president and his family. 
Beautiful view of their church from the outside. 


Inside of the church. 

They were playing recorded message. Honestly, it was a little bit freaky. 

But it was great to see that they had churches here to serve God.   

Here is a picture of Jesus on the cross. 
This is their post office in HCMC. Yellow is my favorite color so I loved this building as soon as I saw it. 



    My name is SeungJae Lee. 

I am majoring in Marketing and minoring in Enterprise Resouce Planning. 

I am going to Vietnam faculty led program. 

I am originally from Korea; therefore, I am familiar with many of the customs of East Asian culture, I will be able to quickly adjust to my surroundings. 

Though I do not know specifically what I will be doing in the future, I am certain that this program will give me more knowledge about making profits in different circumstances. Working and solving problems together with my teammates is one of the main keys for success in the business world. Being a businessman has been my dream since I was a kid. 

I am extremely thankful to receive Walton college scholarships.